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     Benefits of






Improve your margins

Attract new



Reduction of food waste

Quick & easy

to use


Reduce your 

carbon footprint


Local Stores


Cafés  |  Restaurants   |  Grocery Stores

Instead of throwing away delicious food,

you can sell it to customers looking for

a quick bite or a tasty takeaway instead turning lost revenue into extra income!



Home-chefs      |      Caterers      |      Bakers

Love your food? Let others eat and love it too on Luvyum where there are customers waiting to have authentic, healthy food from you! 

Farmer & Growers


  Dairy        |        Fruit & Veg        |       Eggs

Growing food is our roots to the food ecosystem. You can sell your delicious, fresh produce to customers!

Who should sell on the Luvyum app?

How to use? 

Step 1: Place Offers 

Place offers through the app quickly and easily.

Time required: 4 minutes 

Step 2: Food Sold 

Once you have placed an offer, customers can see it on the Luvyum app and purchase it directly from there!

Time required: 0 seconds



Step 3: Collection 

Customers can come into your store and collect it in the pickup window you specified

Time required: 20 seconds 


The Food Revolution: Save food, save Earth

How do we improve food sustainability?

  • The food will be prepared with orders thus reducing food waste created

  • Surplus food can be sold in a bundle, helping the planet along the way 

How do we support local communities?

  • Providing a platform for local stores including for the first time home-chefs and farmers

  • Feel good about supporting local food sellers

How do we lower the carbon footprint?

  • 0% unserved food in our home chef's kitchens helping support food sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint

  • Shopping locally means no shipping, making it better for Earth!

Frequently asked questions

What is Luvyum?

Luvyum is on a mission to increase food sustainability, empower local communities and reduce the carbon footprint

What is the Luvyum App?

The Luvyum App is a place where those that are selling food items whether it be cafés or home-made chefs, can have a platform to sell their food and increase the level of food sustainability within their business.

What can I sell on the Luvyum App?

You can sell any fresh food items through the Luvyum App. You can sell individual or group items such as a box of pasta/biryani or a loaf of bread OR Through our Yum Bag - you can put up an assortment of discounted or surplus food in a 'bag'. For example a variety of cupcakes, salad or sandwiches.

How much does Luvyum charge for me to put my food items up?

We are on a mission to support the community which is why we will not charge you to put up your food! There is no registration fee at any point. Until 31st December 2020, we will charging a 0% commision on the food sold either to help support local businesses during the effects of Covid-19.

Who can sell on the Luvyum App?

Anyone who sells food and is passionate about food sustainability can sell on the Luvyum App. This includes businesses such as cafés and restaurants. This is the first time there is a platform for home-made chefs and farmers to sell their food/produce on the app!

How to put up your food item on the Luvyum app?

1. Register and upload the food you want to sell 2. The consumers can purchase the food item straight through the app 3. They come collect it at your store!