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Small Change, Big Impact

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

When you hear the words food sustainability it is easy to be intimidated and ignore it as another lifestyle change that is too much effort and a waste of money. However, eating sustainably is one of the easier ways of being kinder to the environment on an individual basis. This blog will give you some short and simple instructions on implementing food sustainability into your life.

The first and easiest change to make is increasing your consumption of fresh and organic food such as fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and so on. Processed foods require a lot of energy to be produced and resorting to more organic choices reduces the demand for processed foods.

Secondly, eat less meat. Livestock requires much more energy to be produced than fruits and vegetables and therefore the environment suffers if the demand is still high. There is no need to completely cut out meat but rather having two vegan meals a week or being vegetarian two days a week. There are many delicious vegan and vegetarian options out there especially as the demand has increased in the last 10 years.

Finally, reduce your food waste. When chopping your onion to get rid of the roots, don’t take off more than necessary just for your ease. Aim to use up everything in your fridge before venturing out for another food shop. Plan your meals in advance to avoid letting food get past its expiration date. Taking a little bit more time and care into your food shop will not only save you from wasting money but will also reduce the amount of food waste you produce as an individual.

These 3 simple instructions are just the first step into food sustainability for you. As you become more aware of the importance of eating sustainably you can then make more changes and an even bigger impact.

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