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A Wrap on Women’s History Month

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

In our environmentally conscious world, the contributions of women in the food industry are profoundly impactful. As women are central to achieving a more sustainable food future, this month we have spotlighted the leading roles they have played.

Liz Goodwin, the Senior Fellow and Director of Food Loss and Waste at the World Resources Institute, has supported Luvyum this women’s history month. Goodwin highlights that “women are key players in the production of food as well their role in households and as citizens.” Similarly, Dr Smriti, Founder of "MOC" Mindset, has emphasised the contributions of “Women leaders irrespective of where they are- corporates or homes can lead the way for food sustainability.” The diverse and imbricated connections that women have to the production and consumption of food, whether it be as home chefs or gourmet chefs, show how they collectively aid the conservation of our food ecosystem. Female voices should thus be heard more responsively, closing the gender divide to make food systems more sustainable.

Women have played an active role, supporting our communities during this pandemic. Many as volunteers, they have helped to alleviate food insecurity amongst children. Hunger is one of the more visible consequences of poor food conservation. Food insecurity reinforces the devastating social and economic consequences of our climate crisis. Increased female agency in the food sector can drive forward a three-fold impact: socially, economically and environmentally. Around the globe, female farmers have played a leading role in reintroducing nourishment into many lives and adapting to the constraints the climate crisis have posed. Historically, women have taken great initiative during crises. During the world wars, women joined the army and entered employment, maintaining the country’s industries. Women today have similarly helped our communities become more resilient, paving the way to a more sustainable future.

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