Global Food Revolution Movement

Let's support our home: planet Earth - it should be a more neat, clean and divine country

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Let's solve food waste, together.

Tackling food sustainability and waste, one meal at a time. 


of all food in the world is wasted 


direct economic consequences of food waste


highest emitter of greenhouse gases


of agricultural land is used to produce food that is thrown away

Our Global Reach

Working together with... 

with support from / partnership with...


in support of the UN SDGs.


Join the Luvyum Movement

How an effort shared becomes multiplied


Are you passionate about protecting the planet?

Young Leaders

Do you want to become an advocate for food sustainability? [Age 11-18]


Would you like to amplify your company values by supporting our mission?


Durham University Game Changers

150+ students helping solve issues of food sustainability and some successful implementations after the event too!

Luvyum Movement

Luvyum Young Leaders Program

Age: 11 to 18

Date: ongoing

Venue: Virtual



University Students

Date: October 16 - 17

Venue: Durham University

in association with Durham University

Fireside Talks & Panels

All those who love food!

Date: Coming soon

Venue: Virtual

in association with various international organisations

Board of Advisors

Coming soon!

Our Ambassadors

Evelyn Yuen
Head of Durham
Durham University
Zeynep Erismis
Head of Social Media
Durham University
Seán Lennard Berney
Head of Manchester
University of Manchester
Mala Goel
Head of LSE
London School of Economics
Antra Patel
Head of Tech
University of British Columbia
Elliott McCall
Head of Bristol
University of Bristol
Elani Jeyagugan
Head of Newcastle
University of Newcastle
Rahul Yadav
Head of Nottingham
University of Nottingham
Farah Elhamri
Head of Imperial
Imperial College London
Lauryn Mwale
Head of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh
Tanvi Laxmicant
Head of Reading
University of Reading
Sumaiyah Sultana
Head of Queen Mary
Queen Mary, London
Jyoti Joshi
Head of Glasgow
University of Glasgow
Keerthi Rachumulla
Head of Birmingham
University of Birmingham
Aneri Shah
Graphic Designer
Saurabh Singh Parihar
Head of Uttar Pradesh
University of Allahabad
Elisa Benham
Head of Singapore
Durham University
Anukusha Arsh Gulati
Head of New Delhi
Delhi Technological University
Aniket Borawake
Information Technology Manager
Anastasia Tzima
Aristotle University Thessaloniki
Vinisha Patel
Head of Durham Durham University
Rohan Vyas
Head of Barts, London
London School of Medicine
Aesha Nehal Gandhi
Head of Ahmedabad
University Gujarat (GLS Law College)
Priyanka Rajpurohit
Head of Udaipur Pacific Medical University
Ghanshyam Bhattarai
Head of Nepal
Ranjoy Gupta
Head of Trikuta Nagar
Dhruv Devani
Head of Ahmedabad
Silver Oak University 



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