Eat delicious food, sustainably. 

Luvyum is connecting local food heroes to give you great quality food at discounted prices and saving the planet.  

Eat now! 

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How to use? 

Step 1: Browse 

Look through the great variety of food options available in your local area 

Step 2: Buy 

Select what delicious food you want to eat and order it from your local food heroes! Quick & Easy! 

Step 3: Collect 

Collect your food from the store and enjoy knowing you have supported local businesses and are helping save the planet :) 


Join us with our Food Revolution! 

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Frequently asked questions

What is Luvyum?

We are passionate about increasing food sustainability, supporting local communities and reducing the carbon footprint. Our goal is to reach every local community within the UK and promote food sustainability.

What is the Luvyum App?

The Luvyum App is a place where you can see those that are selling food items whether it be cafés or home-made chefs, and increase the level of food sustainability within your local community.

What sort of food will I find on the app?

You can find a whole variety of food choices from cuisines around the world! The food will have been produced or made within your local community - sometimes, the food will be surplus food which means it is perfectly good to eat but in a day or two, if not sold, it could go in the bin. Food that is surplus will be identified on there.

Who will be selling their food on the app?

We are proud to be supporting the local community in every way we can which is why our app is open to businesses such as cafés, restaurants and grocers but also from farmers and home-made chefs!