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I'm Mahek, the founder of Luvyum! I have always set out to make a positive difference and the world and Luvyum was founded on this very value to lead the youth and protect our planet. 🌍

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My Story

Mahek is a passionate 21yo, ready to make a difference in the world. Having graduated from Durham University with an honours degree in Natural Science, she will work in Tech Investment Banking in Morgan Stanley before taking up an MBA at Stanford from being accepted this year through the deferred enrolment programme. She has always strived to create a better place which led her found a multi-award winning charity which taught over 90,000 children from low socioeconomic background how to code, a first in the country, India. She has been featured on worldwide news channels such as BBC World News, and newspapers such as Evening Standard.  


Currently she is working on leading the world to net zero carbon emissions through Luvyum, an organisation focussed on reducing effects on climate change due to inefficient food systems.

Making our planet more sustainable and eco-friendly is at the heart of everything Luvyum does. The way they currently do this, with a team (across 35+ universities) is to raise awareness about food sustainability, food waste (1/3 of food is wasted globally) and the resultant effects on carbon emissions (8-10% of manmade greenhouse gas emissions).



We are always looking for ways to help the planet! Please do get in touch :)

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