Mission: increase food sustainability, support local communities and reduce the carbon footprint

Revolutionising the food industry. 

Let's raise awareness together about the issues in the food industry and make it more sustainable, more inclusive for food sellers and more environmentally-friendly. Let's change it for the better.


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in support of the UN SDGs.


Luvyum Mission

We are passionate about increasing food sustainability, supporting local communities and reducing the carbon footprint.

Our goal is to reach every local community to promote food sustainability, stimulate the economy through the creation of jobs and reimagine traditional supply chains with our food revolution.

Creating transformational change

Inclusivity for all food sellers and access to delicious, sustainable food is at the forefront of our mission. Luvyum is for everyone. 


Good for you, good for the environment.

Through buying tasty meals locally and correct portions made, delivered and saved means less carbon emissions for the environment, a win-win!


Community for Community

Reduce food waste

Lower carbon footprint

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